Become the photographer you've always wanted to be

Photography: A Deeper Understanding is a series of online courses, workshops and discussions which aim to demystify photography and enable people of all abilities to become the photographers they would like to be.

At the heart of a Deeper Understanding is the belief that becoming an accomplished photographer has little to do with technical knowledge and everything to do with teaching your instincts to know where to find a great photograph in the vast jumble of visual information that our eyes absorb every second.

And the only way to achieve this is by working to gain an understanding of what is it that makes a photograph work - that elusive, almost indescribable, magic that makes one image stand head and shoulders above others that for most part, seem the almost identical.

And the Deeper Understanding collection of courses are all designed to help you achieve this by helping you

  • Understand the strengths and weakness of your own photography. 

  • Explore the world of the master photographers and the classic photographs they have taken, 

  • Appreciate how other peoples eyes see your images

  • Achieve the one thing that will set you apart from many other photographers.... your own unique photographic style.

And much much more

Click here to see some of the courses that will soon be available to book onto.  But before that you can come to a free hour long taster session which will be both an overview of the whole program as well as containing many very useful tips and tricks that will help improve your photography.