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What is the Bristol People Photography project?


The project aims to capture the people of Bristol at work, rest and play ‘doing what they do’ in their daily lives.  The more ordinary the better.  The photography style will be fly on the wall, natural and ‘real life’.


Subjects will be able to choose when and where they would like to be photographed - at home, at work, on nights out, busy with their hobby, anything they feel tells the story of who they are.  The more ordinary the better.


It will cover all ages, areas and cultures with the diversity of Bristol being a major feature.  It will also be a celebration of the people of Bristol but will also aim to show some of the lows as well as the highs. 


The aim is to complete the photography by the end of 2022 followed by a major exhibition and book in 2023 that will leave a permanent record of life in Bristol in the post pandemic world.  Any proceeds from the project will go to Bristol charities.


How can you be involved?

If you would like to be photographed for the project, or you would like to have a chat about it, please get in touch via one of the links below or book a zoom meeting.  


We are also looking for sponsors for the project so again please get in touch if you would like to discuss this.